Why The Need To Parent God’s Way?

imagesParenting isn’t about turning out cookie-cutter kids using perfect techniques and formulas. God has given every child unique traits that are a perfect fit for the heroic role he created them to fulfill in the epic story. God intends us to see childrearing as a noble calling, a mission to pass on truth and wisdom from one generation to the next. God looks at parenting children as one of the most important occupations adults are involved in. There are some benefits associated with parenting God’s way. They include:

Raising children according to their God given purpose involves encouraging and training children to do the good things they love and are naturally gifted to do. This enables them to be eager and enthusiastic. Training that focuses on the children’s gifting rather than limitations, results in minimal coaching and prodding. Everyone enjoys doing what they are good at. The secret of self-discipline is motivation. Children are often motivated to discipline themselves when they are excited about what they are doing.

High performance
It is a known fact that people excel at what they are good at. The case is the same for children. Children who are trained to perform in their areas of gifting often succeed. For instance, a child who has the gift of administration and is trained in organizational systems is most likely going to be an excellent administrator. Those trained in communication skills and motivational psychology will most likely end up being a successful leader. It takes more effort for a child who is not trained in their area of giftedness to succeed than one who is trained in their area of giftedness. This sometimes threatens a child’s self-esteem.

This does not mean that children should not also be trained in areas outside their gift zones. The point is to focus on the child’s special abilities and their success will breed success as well. Parents need to bear in mind that the absence of certain talents does not equate weakness. It calls for parents to look elsewhere for their children’s purpose. God has deposited a measure of talents in every child. It is very important for the parents to focus on these talents and they will raise motivated and successful adults. Those who focus on their weaknesses, raise up demoralized and misdirected children who are full of shame.

Ecclesiastes 2:11 ”Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun”.

Personal research has shown that about 3 out of every four are working jobs not right for them. This combats enthusiasm and initiative. A study by Jan Halper, PhD, of 4126 male corporate executives showed that 58% of all middle managers said that despite years of striving to achieve their professional goals, their lives seemed “empty and meaningless”. 68% of senior executives said that they had neglected their family lives to pursue professional goals and half said that they would spend less time working and more time with their family if they could do it over again. Children raised God’s way have a greater advantage of deriving meaning in their vocations than those who are not. Most importantly, they have eternal security. So parent God’s way.

Jan Halper, PhD., Quiet Desperation: The Truth about Successful Men. New York, N.Y.: Warner Books, 1988.

Written by Dr. Godwin & Blessing Ude

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