Ways To Appreciate Your Children

imagesFathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged. Colossians 3:21.

Focusing mainly on the wrong things that our children do could embitter them and get them discouraged. We need to learn to direct our focus on their positive abilities.

Sarah Lewis a single parent of a 12 year old Noah and 6 year old Jessica recently attended a parenting class where she learned about the importance of appreciating her children. She realised that her children became more confident because of that. They became proud of what they do for themselves and for their mum.

Let’s look at how to appreciate our children.

 Seek out something good. Make a conscious effort to find something worth praising and blow the trumpet. Celebrate him for doing that good. Look for progress not perfection. Encourage when getting better on working at the bad.

 Affirm the good. Do not be afraid of pride resulting from the praise. Studies have shown that it takes ten compliments to balance the negative emotional impact of one criticism. As your affirming responses begin to outweigh and outnumber the critical ones, the atmosphere in your home begin to change and become more positive and inspirational.

 Be sincere. Let your affirmation flow from your heart. Flattery is manipulative and seeks selfish ends but appreciation builds up the recipient.

 Make your home a rejection free zone. Desist from cuts and put down statements.

 Focus on the character. Compliments attach value to something. Observing acts of kindness and responsibility and applauding attitudes of thankfulness and cooperation shift the spotlight to character and attitude.

Appreciation is a powerful tool for developing character qualities in children. By acknowledging good behaviours, we are likely to see more of them manifest. Children have a fundamental need to be appreciated. They long to know that they are not only accepted but approved. Complimenting their abilities, initiatives and job well done satisfies their need for recognition and sets them on course to please God.

Written by Dr. Godwin & Blessing Ude

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