The Renewed Mind

The mind is the control center of your life. It determines your destiny. To live successfully, we must be transformed by the entire renewal of our minds. Change begins in the mind.
People are products of their thoughts i.e. you are what you continually think. Proverbs 23;7.You can change your life by changing your mindset:-right thinking precedes right action.
A) Renewing your mind is the key to changing your life. ; Romans 12: 1-3
1) It is a process that takes time
2) It involves meditating on the word and applying the principles to your life for effective change.
3) Gaining more knowledge does not mean renewing your mind.
4) A new mindset produces a different response to old temptation.
5) If your thinking doesn’t line up with the word of God, it is wrong.
6) Your mind controls your decisions and choices.
7) The degree to which your mind is renewed is the degree to which you will experience change in your life.
8) When you renew your mind, you prove what is good, acceptable and the perfect will of God.
9) The word must be the final authority.
Your treasure is where your heart is. Mt 6:21
1) Your treasure is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and doctrines you have accepted as true.
2) Whatever is wrong with your life is a reflection of what is in your heart:- if you have good things (treasure) in your heart, good will come out and vice versa. Mt 12:35.
3) You must always deal with the root issues in your heart and mind.
4) The word is the only thing that has power to go deep into your spirit and root out bad treasure. Heb 4:12. Change won’t take place without the word affecting the deepest parts of you. You can’t just cut off the fruit without digging up the root else the fruit will grow back.
5) You live out you dominant thoughts.
1) Determine if your ideas and mindset line up with the word
2) If what you think and assume about life doesn’t line up with the word, it is wrong.
3) Practice thinking, reviewing and meditating on the new thoughts you have gotten from reading the Bible. You have to meditate on what to say and not to say.
4) Become aware of how you are thinking.
5) Be aware of how you should think.
6) Rethink concepts you received growing up.
7) Rethink what you assume to be true
8) Identify the changes you want to make in your life.
9) Focus you thought on God’s thoughts.
10) Keep reminding yourself of what you want to change.
11) Practice thinking the thoughts of God until they are your own.
12) When you take your mind off of God, you will fail. Genesis 3
13) Do not dwell in the past, it will hinder you


When the word is not your final authority, deception is inevitable. You are deceived when you think you are right, but you are really wrong. The deceived person can’t even distinguish between what is true and what is false. (Isaiah 44:20). When you are deceived, you will be led astray. Deception will always lead you down the wrong path. Having fellowship with the wrong people, contaminate your relationship with God.

Written by Dr. Godwin & Blessing Ude

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