Transformation Family Life Center (TFLC) is a part of a multi-faceted global non-profit organization (Transformation Ministries Worldwide), dedicated to empowering and building strong marriages, providing family life education, counselling, mentoring and coaching. Our focus is on transformational change which is made possible by the special grace of God. We provide help and resources for couples and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded on biblical principles.

No matter who you are, where you are, what you are going through or the challenges your marriage and family may be facing at the moment, we are here to help. We strive to provide care, advice, support and encouragement to families on major areas of life. Through our seminars, workshops, conferences, resources, prayers, professional Christian counselling, we hope to provide a safe place for families to run to when they are in need of help and encouragement. We are committed to providing proven Biblical principles for guidance and support.


In TFLC we are passionate about what God has called us to do. We want to see couples enjoy their marriage as God designed it and as a result produce offspring who having experienced true love in their homes are able to extend this same love to others. The ultimate purpose of human life is to glorify God through a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. This is often manifested in our relationship with our spouse or family members and eventually to our neighbours who are in desperate need of love and help.


We strive to focus on you as person created in God’s image, and not your problems. Because you are wonderfully and perfectly designed by God for a purpose, we focus on what you can become in Christ and not what you have been. We are determined to approach cases from a redemptive perspective and not cognitive. We are convinced that no marital problem is irredeemable and no differences are irreconcilable when the Holy Spirit is given the opportunity to execute transformational work in people’s lives.

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